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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Crossing the Border

Not much to report lately. I'm trying to enlist the services of friend Matt Davis to create a more visually appeasing site to follow the journey. Once that is complete, I will roll out my full-fledged effort to get this moving.

One of the NBA teams, the Toronto Raptors, play in Canada. Apparently, as of September 30, 2007, all who cross the border will require a passport. To prepare for any "technical difficulties," I went to Walgreens today to have my passport photo taken and I hope that within the next week, I will get that sent off. My only concern is that I have a Wisconsin address and a Pennsylvania driver's license.

I also called my credit card company and requested a "fresh" card because you know darn well that it'll be getting swiped hundreds of times over the next few months and I don't want to have one die on me.

One last note, I' contacted the company that makes "Airborne." With all of the flights and wearing down of my body, I'll surely need some help to prevent illness. They have responded and are sending me coupons to purchase their products. Count it!

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