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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Final Schedule Unveiled (but still tentative)

It is today that I raise my arms in the air with great pride as after hours of reviewing schedules, I believe I have finalized my tour for the 2007-2008 NBA season. See the picture below for an idea of how my "living room" looked during the planning process.

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Granted, things are sure to come up, but for now...this is how it will play out:

1. Saturday November 3rd - Golden State Warriors @ Utah Jazz, 7:00 PM - Salt Lake City, Utah.
2. Sunday November 11th - Detroit Pistons @ Seattle Supersonics, 6:00 PM - Seattle, Washington.
3. Tuesday November 13th - Detroit Pistons @ Portland TrailBlazers, 7:00 PM - Portland, Oregon.
4. Wednesday November 14th - Detroit Pistons @ Golden State Warriors, 7:30 PM - Oakland, California.
5. Friday November 16th - New York Knicks @ Sacramento Kings, 7:00 PM - Sacramento, California.
6. Friday November 23rd - Los Angeles Lakers @ Boston Celtics, 7:30 PM - Boston, Massachusetts.
7. Saturday November 24th - Golden State Warriors @ Philadelphia 76ers, 7:00 PM - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
8. Saturday December 1st - Charlotte Bobcats @ Chicago Bulls, 7:30 PM - Chicago, Illinois.
9. Saturday December 8th - Sacramento Kings @ Denver Nuggets, 7:00 PM - Denver, Colorado.
10. Saturday December 15th - Philadelphia 76ers @ Cleveland Cavaliers, 7:30 PM - Cleveland, Ohio.
11. Friday December 21st - Altanta Hawks @ Washington Wizards, 7:00 PM - Washington D.C.
12. Saturday December 22nd - Golden State Warriors @ New Jersey Nets, 7:30 PM - East Rutherford, New Jersey.
13. Sunday December 23rd - Los Angeles Lakers @ New York Knicks, 12:00 PM - New York, New York.
14. Sunday January 6th - Cleveland Cavaliers @ Toronto Raptors, 1:00 PM - Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
15. Friday January 11th - Milwaukee Bucks @ Los Angeles Lakers, 7:30 PM - Los Angeles, California.
16. Saturday January 12th - Dallas Mavericks @ Los Angeles Clippers, 7:30 PM - Los Angeles, California.
17. Saturday January 19th - Sacramento Kings @ Indiana Pacers, 7:00 PM - Indianapolis, Indiana.
18. Friday February 8th - Los Angeles Lakers @ Orlando Magic, 7:00 PM - Orlando, Florida.
19. Sunday February 10th - Los Angeles Lakers @ Miami Heat, 3:30 PM - Miami, Florida.
20. Friday February 22nd - Boston Celtics @ Phoenix Suns, 8:30 PM - Phoenix, Arizona.
21. Saturday March 1st - Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzles, 7:00 PM - Memphis, Tennessee.
22. Sunday March 2nd - Denver Nuggets @ Houston Rockets, 7:00 PM - Houston, Texas.
23. Tuesday March 4th - New Jersey Nets @ San Antonio Spurs, 7:30 PM - San Antonio, Texas.
24. Thursday March 6th - Houston Rockets @ Dallas Mavericks, 8:30 PM - Dallas, Texas.
25. Friday March 7th - New Jersey Nets @ New Orleans Hornets, 7:00 PM - New Orleans, Louisana.
26. Saturday March 22nd - New York Knicks @ Minnesota Timberwolves, 7:00 PM - Minneapolis, Minnesota.
27. Saturday March 29th - Cleveland Cavaliers @ Detroit Pistons, 7:30 PM - Detroit, Michigan.
28. Friday April 4th - Philadelphia 76ers @ Atlanta Hawks, 7:30 PM - Atlanta, Georgia.
29. Saturday April 5th - Boston Celtics @ Charlotte Bobcats, 7:00 PM - Charlotte, North Carolina.
30. Saturday April 12th - New Jersey Nets @ Milwaukee Bucks, 7:30 PM - Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

There you have it. I can't begin to explain how difficult it was planning the schedule. The Lakers do not have any Saturday games, so my options of seeing both LA teams in a weekend were limited. Then I tried to group all 3 Texas teams, New Orleans, and Memphis together in a week's time.

The next step is to start seriosly writing letters to see if I can get some support/help. I'll also have to secure airfare/rent-a-car/hotel arrangements for the 1st month of the tour.

Earlier this week, I found that a friend I met years ago in Ocean City, Maryland has moved to Portland, Oregon. I've since gotten in touch with him and will be meeting up with for Game #3. Word is that Jim Albert will be joining me for Game #5 in Sacramento to see his favorite team in action.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Finalizing schedules

Ok, several of you have been asking the where and the when of many of the cities. It's been extremely difficult to schedule everything while considering my work schedule, vacation time, and the team schedules themselves. I'm trying to have all games scheduled by the end of March so that I can use April as makeup time for any foreseen circumstance (namely Milwaukee and Chicago weather preventing flights). I'm having troubles making the Miami/Orlando, Atlanta/Charlotte, and the Lakers/Clippers weekends work. I plan on studying all of the schedules this weekend and coming to a "final tentative schedule" by Sunday evening.

Thanks everyone for your support!

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