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Monday, August 6, 2007

The Costs Are Rising,,,

I spent several hours over the weekend printing out all 30 NBA schedules and trying to put a plan together to attend games. I quickly realized that this venture will require a minimum of 9 flights (and thats optimistic); likely costing over $400 apiece. I still need to consider game tickets at an average of $45 apiece, rental car, parking, etc; thus, the costs are skyrocketing. There's little or no chance of me affording this. I'm going to write several companies in hopes of some help, but I'm doubtful I'll get anything out of corporate America. So, I'm hoping that I can reach out to my friends and family to ask for small donations, even if its a mere $0.50 to help me fill a parking meter. Please mail any donations to:;

Drew Cieszynski
720 N. Old World 3rd St.
Apt# 902
Milwaukee, WI 53203

Let's keep this party alive....

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