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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kickoff Weekend

Despite my inability to get in contact with the Utah Jazz, I'm going to roll the dice and start the tour out there. As I've previously mentioned, I want my friends to share this experience with me. However, Salt Lake City is not a well-known city and the sheer expense of getting there makes it difficult for 99% of my friends to go. Its literally an airfare black-hole and despite searching over a month in advance, it will likely be my most expensive weekend trip.

So I decided that I would pay the way for ONE of my friends to go with me. The basis I would use to choose this individual would be the following:
One of my worries when moving 12 hours from home was that I would likely lose touch with many of my friends. I have lost touch with many of them, but one particular individual has made the 12 hour drive (24 roundtrip) on Three occasions in a 7 month period.

Mr. Shea Sterner, you've won a free trip to Salt Lake City:

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Initial costs:
Drew's airfare: Chicago Midway to SLC via Southwest Airlines: $279.20
Shea's airfare: Baltimore to SLC via Delta: $396.00
Hotel: $102.00

Expenses for the tour have now climbed over $1,000 (including expenses such as passport, AAA membership, postage, and other expenses used to generate money on eBay).

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