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Monday, February 25, 2008

Media Spots

Appearing on the Laker's Pre-game show on Fox Sports:

Southwest Airlines recently mentioned my tour on their blog:

(View on the site or read below:
Press CNTRL+F and type "Cieszynski"


By: Brian Lusk - Manager of Customer Communication and Corporate Editor

Okay, I admit that I am a dweeb when it comes to sports venues. My wife and I spent an hour on a recent trip to San Francisco walking around the site in Golden Gate Park where the former Kezar Stadium stood. I will always regret that I never got to see Ebbets Field or the Boston Garden. That’s why I admire what Drew Cieszynski is doing. Two years ago, he visited every major league stadium, and this year, he is visting all 30 NBA (National Basketball Association) arenas–and he is using Southwest Airlines for his travels. Check out Drew’s blog, which has extensive photos of his visits. You will enter at the most recent arena, so begin with the 2007 archives for a chronological view of his journey.

Sam Amick of the Sacramento Bee wrote the following on their site:

(You at the site or read below:
Press CNTRL+F and type "Cieszynski")

(Don't hold me to it, but I'm going to try and do this feature every Friday in which we pick some of the more entertaining hoops content from the web to share)

Living the sports fans dream

If there is a downside to covering sports for a living, it's that you have to work pretty hard to keep the fan in you alive. So many media folks get jaded quick, forgetting why it was that you pursued this sort of a career in the first place.
And then someone like Drew Cieszynski comes along to remind you.
This guy e-mailed me back in November, telling me and other writers around the country that he and his buddy were going to empty their bank accounts to do an NBA tour. And to be candid, I simply forgot to get back to him.
Nearly three months later, I came across his e-mail again and checked out the web site he had planned to use like a road diary of sorts. It's a ton of content but a fun look at what had to be a great experience. Kudos to the Kings community relations staff, which gave him all kinds of perks in his Sacramento stop and left him claiming Arco as his favorite place of them all. He even went to a Kings game I wasn't at - the Dec. 8 game at Denver that was covered by Ailene Voisin.
Enjoy it all right here. (The site's a little tricky, and you have to click on the '2007' link to see the first 13 arenas he went to).

Appearing on House Party Live (Sacramento Kings postgame show)

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