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Sunday, March 16, 2008

New Media Posts

If you haven't read it, you need to...check out the Yahoo! Sports article by J.A. Skeets (owner of popular NBA blog and podcast). More importantly, read the comments section. Several Celtics fans were bashing me, but Yahoo! removed their comments due to use of profanity and false claims.,71735

Now, a lot of people write to me and say congrats, etc etc. Friends of mine enjoy coming with me to the games, but bottom one has really helped me. That was until I met Carolyn Hastings of "AND ONE" on She has offered to help me on many items and & I'm already impressed by her knowledge beyond hoops. Check out her site here:

A seedy little blog out called Pop-Gunning:

A great - off the cuff site called "ebsports" - with a lot of humor involved.

Southwest Airlines

The Score - from Toronto (second bullet point)

Ball Hype - the biggest stories. the best fans. This site has my story as one of the best rated.

Let's keep it coming. After seeing my $5,000 credit card bill this month, I really want the NBA to pay attention now. Here are some of the best comments from the Yahoo! Sports article:

-I think they should get a petition together and fax it to Stern and make Drew a guest announcer at the Finals. Or at least a recognition and seats at the game. Its passion like this that proves its the best sport, and this guy deserves a lot of credit and respect for his endeavors. C'mon Stern give Dave his chance. HOME B

-Huge props to the dedication of this dude. I can only imagine the toll it has taken on his finances, career, and personal relationships. This shows some guts and perseverance. I used to work in sports info and often had to try and deal with these front offices and PR departments, so I can sympathize with how hard they are to even get a call back from. RICKISH

-I wish I had heard of this young man before he came to New Orleans. I would be glad to give him one of my playoff tickets. You are welcome to the Big Easy anytime.

-I believe drew should get tickets to all NBA Finals games, MR STERN where are you?
Would'nt it be great to fly with the teams and have hidden on your clothing a fan cam? Hope you make your dreams drew. STILLLEARNING777

-Final message to the NBA: DO NOT ALIENATE YOUR FANS, especially the SUPERFANS like Drew, if this guy pulls this off and I damn well hope he will. Do something big, invite him to a playoff game and make him a showcase for your fans. After all, No fans, means no revenue, means no teams, means no product and no jobs. Our sports leagues would do well to remember that sometimes. ANDREW W

To be honest, I was probably happy just visiting all 30 NBA teams, but now all of the readers and their support has lit another fire under me. I want to go to the Finals. The league will probably ignore me, but at the very least, I'm going to spend the next month trying to get its attention. I'm still waiting for that HERO to step forward and help me get to the Finals or get NBA recognition. I'll do whatever it takes, whether it's tattooing something on my body, dressing up in a chicken costume & dancing around the city, or swim across the polluted Milwaukee river, just help me out!!!!

San Antonio blog to be posted shortly....


Eze said...

Keep up the good work Drew!!

Bruno Baltazar said...

Damn what lucky u are wearing that NBA champs ring ,is it real or what?haha

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