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Monday, June 2, 2008

The NBA Finals?

Today, I proudly announce that with the assistance of the Los Angeles Lakers very professional staff, it appears that I will achieve the big goal of this tour - Attending the NBA FINALS!!! The plan is to attend Game 3 in Los Angeles on Tuesday June 10th. Some are saying this will be the highest rated NBA Finals in history?

I should also note however that the Dallas Mavericks & Detroit Pistons also guaranteed me spots had they made it, so heartfelt thanks to them as well.

Funny thing is that I had no interest in the LA Lakers when the season started, yet through the scheduling process I saw them more than any other team during my tour. On Tuesday night, I will enter the STAPLES CENTER as a Lakers fan. Typically, when you hear of a Red Sox fan or a Lakers fan, you think of the bandwagon...however isn't my scenario is a bit different? I've grown to enjoy this franchise because despite all of success, Mr. Black had the time to answer my requests in a timely fashion, Mr. Cardona got me the needed materials for my blog without needing a follow-up. Bottom line - a front office that cares for its fans is more important than all else to me.

But look who our opponent is...the Boston Celtics. Wouldn't it be just plain beautiful karma if I were to witness ... part of the Lakers dismantling the Celtics, the only team to not help the NBA Tour? Isn't this the ultimate fairy tale ending for me - the number 1 goal of this tour and my ultimate dream, the NBA FINALS, being in attendance as the Lakers take down the franchise that showed me I was not even worth their email response?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal of getting to the NBA Finals dude. Enjoy the game and Go Lakers!

Anonymous said...


Karl said...

Congrats Drew! I've been following you're blog from the start and what you've been able to accomplish thus far has been incredible. What a perfect way to finish the year off with a trip to the one of the most anticipated NBA Finals in history. You truly are an NBA super fan!

Anonymous said...

So did you go to the game or what?

Anonymous said...

Not to rush you or anything, but when will we expect the final entry?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I think we've waiting long enough to hear about how incredible LA was! Come on Drew

Anonymous said...

WTF? What is your final blurb?? You already go back to "normal life"?? That isn't fair. I'm tired of checking your site. If you don't have a finally, can you at least tell us why not? Or, are you just what people say? Just trying to get your 15 minutes with nothing to show?? Maybe you can't afford internet now but, still, everyone has a way to get online! Go to the Library!

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