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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Capital of California

Great news came on Monday evening when I received a call from someone in the Sacramento Kings organization. They had received my email and are going to support me with 2 tickets among other things while I'm in town. As far as I'm concerned, they are now the best franchise in the NBA, reaching out and supporting a true fan.

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They are now the second franchise out of the 5 I've written to to contact me. I'm becoming nervous that I won't hear from the Utah Jazz. I'll keep pushing however.

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jimalbert said...

the kings have to be the best organization in basketball. the maloofs must have specific instructions to take care of their fans, and the fans of the NBA. I am ABSOLUTELY EXCITED about this. And to think i was on the cusp as to whether i was going to attend this game.

to drew's credit, he "came at me hard" with some sales tactics and made me realize that with the publicity he is generating by the "season of drew", i may have an opportunity to see my franchise in a way never possible under other circumstances. i believed this to be true and he has proven it to be.


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